Government policy, environmental regulations, ever higher quality
standards and specific export stipulations demand a great deal of
willpower and inventiveness from agriculturists in developing their
businesses. After all, you are an entrepreneur and your top priority is
to ensure the continuity of your business. Reduction of the
amount of manure, reduction of ammonia emissions,
germ-free composting materials and a controlled export
product  are all essential conditions in this respect.
Sometimes, a single ingenious invention can provide the solution for
a great many thorny issues.
The development of the composting tunnel by the Christaens Group
is a technical tour de force of this kind. A closed, safe system ensures
that animal manure is converted into sterile, odour-free, export-quality
compost in a rapid and controlled manner.
The composting tunnel in operation.
Genuine innovations are characterised by simplicity. Thus, the principle
of the composting tunnel is actually quite simple. Nonetheless,
development of the initial construction drawings into a completely
reliable and operational tunnel took six years.
The Key Points
  • A sophisticated logistical system ensures uniform manure loading
  • Manure enters the tunnel at regular intervals, so there is no interim
    storage on the premises.
  • There are various loading units. Even the smallest has a loading
  • capacity of 180 m3.
  • The loaded manure consists of approx. 35% dry matter.
  • The process is controlled and monitored by a climatecontrol computer.
  • The composting and drying cycle amounts to approx. 2 weeks.
  • The end product consists of approx. 85% dry matter.
  • The closed circuit ensures that the end product is germ-free and sterile.
Result: an outstanding certified export product.
The major advantages of the composting tunnel
The composting tunnel is not only extremely beneficial for the environment,
but also for your business continuity and finances.
How the environment benefits:
  • An enormous reduction (up to 99%) in ammonia emissions.
  • Volume reduction and considerable weight reduction with many indirect
    transport benefits.
  • No detrimental manure residues, which means no harmful discharge into
    water sources.
  • Air purification ensures up to 40% odour reduction.
  • A much healthier stable climate and no flies. (Fly eggs are unable to develop.)
  • Hardly any use of pesticides.
How your operational security and finances benefit:
  • The production of a germ-free, stable organic fertiliser.
  • A valuable export product for agriculture and horticulture.
  • Low distribution costs.
  • Low energy costs.
  • Better working conditions. The tunnel is loaded automatically and the process
    is remote-controlled.
  • User-friendly operation of the technical equipment.
  • The entire process is managed and controlled by computer, 24 hours a day.
Animal manure is loaded into a fully closed tunnel area. A special
aeration floor ensures optimum air distribution under the manure.
A ventilator outside the tunnel causes air to flow through the
manure layers via the aeration floor. Composting of the manure
begins. The air above the manure is extracted and partially recycled
through the composting material (air circulation). Since this organic
and bacteriological process requires oxygen, fresh air is added. This
is also effected in order to control the temperature. Simultaneously,
process air is discharged via a controlled exhaust system. The air
flows are controlled and monitored by a climate-control computer.
As a result, the composting temperature remains virtually constant.
In an enclosed washing installation, acidified water ensures optimum
purification of the discharged air. Here, virtually all the ammonia is
bonded into a mineral-rich product (liquid ammonium sulphate).
A spraying installation distributes this product over the manure to be
composted, giving it more value as a fertiliser. If desired, this material
can also be safely stored.
Key Points
The Christaens Group takes care of installing compost tunnels and
implementing the technology on site. Maintenance and supervision
can also be arranged.
Remote control and monitoring of the installed equipment guarantees
optimum system operation for agricultural entrepreneurs.
For All Agricultural Enterprises
Every agricultural enterprise has its own speci_c circumstances. With this
in mind, each composting tunnel is set up and adapted to yield the best
results for the enterprise concerned. Would you like more technical and
detailed information on this exceptionally sustainable and e_ective total
system? Simply telephone, fax or e-mail and a speci_ed brochure will be
sent to you.
The Christaens Group (since 1971) is very innovative and productive
when it comes to technological solutions for agriculture and horticulture.
With specialised knowledge and expertise, it creates and implements total
product-oriented construction systems, machines and installations for the
agricultural sector.
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